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World of Endless Possibilities


Visualize your off-plan projects in immersive Augmented and Virtual Reality!

CovarkAR allows you to unlock the potential of your real estate projects even before you put a brick or beam into the ground.


Features You Would Absolutely Love.

Get a head-start in marketing and selling your off-plan projects

We empower you to start your sales process early and more efficiently by allowing holistic virtual viewing of your development before commencing development.

No more boundaries

Your clients can view your projects and walkthrough your buildings in life sizes from anywhere in the world.

Massing Models in your palms

Never have to carry massing models around anymore - view them on any mobile device!

Limitless project demonstration

Engage prospects with interactive and immersive projects anywhere, anytime at no downloads.

Excite clients

Create excitement around your projects and make property viewing fun and interactive for clients!

Simplify your Architectural Designs

Bring your architectural designs to life and make them more accessible and simple to understand

How The Web-App Works

AR View

  • Click on View in AR and wait for the model to load
  • The pinch, zoom and swipe to examine the exterior mass model.
  • To launch the AR experience, find a suitable flat surface (board room table or floor)
  • Click the “View in your Space” button (bottom right)
  • Point your phone down at an empty space and move around slowly till the AR models pops up
  • Scale to desired size to fit your table or floor.


  • Click View in VR/Virtual Tour
  • Choose to enable or disable audio
  • Touch and Drag to look around
  • Click on the various hotspots on to move around the building and explore
  • To experience in VR, click the VR glasses icon and insert phone into a suitable VR headset

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